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Recovery ASAP!

Recovery ASAP!

Don't make your decision on a backup/recovery provider solely on price and backup capabilities of the service.

When your business flow is suddenly interrupted by the loss or corruption of a file, drive, or the whole computer, you know that getting back up ASAP is critical.

Your backups need to be tested for their ability to recover your files quickly to get back into business flow -  Recovery capabilities are more important than backing up!   

Frequency of backing up

Backing up every night is no longer sufficient!  Backing up as the data changes is now today's standard. 

Pennybackup includes continuous data protection so that within seconds after a file changes the backup is sent offsite to the Pennybackup cloud.  And should a disaster strike, the backup of any file is only seconds behind how that file was at time of the disaster. Compare that to files backed up last night, in use throughout the day and then disaster strikes. There is no backup of the file changes occurring throughout the day, and a lot of re-keying from paper records (if available?) would be needed to get the files back to how they were at the time of the disaster.  

Recovery should always be from a choice of locations  - from either storage on the LAN  or offsite from the Pennybackup cloud    - being able to send your backup data to 2 different locations, in case 1 of them fails, is a prudent recovery design decision.

So disaster strikes and the volume of data to recover is huge! Downloading over the Internet is one way of restoring the files, but an alternate method needs to be available. Included in your Pennybackup recovery service is our portable drive service that it is couriered to your location with all your data, instead of waiting for the Internet to download your data over perhaps several days. And even while the portable drive is being couriered, Pennybackup recovery of key files, in advance of delivery of the portable drive, can be occurring. Getting you back into business after a disaster is our objective.

Need assistance?

Need assistance in crafting the backup sets content for expedient recovery? We can guide you.

Need assistance when testing a recovery? We can guide you.

Need assistance when you do your annual or semi-annual disaster recovery drill? We are available.

And finally, when disaster does strike inconveniently at any time of day, getting back-up with the correct data starts with the intuitive restore wizard and should things be more complicated, then Pennybackup support is there to assist.

We offer our 14 day free trial of the recovery features of our software.  Don't test just the backup, test the recovery as well. Be confident that your time to get back into business after a disaster is ASAP!