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By participating in PennyBackup Advantage you agree to share your backup analytics with third parties. (Don't worry, we will keep your actual data confidential! See below for more details.)


We will not share your actual data; rather the technologies that are in use on your network.
These include:

  • Database platforms
  • Email and file servers
  • Types of software in use
  • Recover Time Objective and Recover Point Objective

We are sensitive to our clients' security needs and will never share any information that would ever compromise your security in any way.

Your actual data will not be shared with anyone else under any circumstances! We use AES encryption and FIPS certification to ensure that nobody will see your actual data. We will only share your contact info with third party companies who have products or services that will likely be useful to you.

After being in business for many years, we have received many requests to provide our sophisticated remote data backup and disaster recovery solutions at the most affordable price possible to our customers. By enrolling in this safe, optional program, we can provide an opportunity for you to capitalize on the marketing value that you provide to our trusted partners, thereby reducing your costs.

The discounts will vary from month to month and will be provided in exchange for your level of participation within each month. However, your backup costs can be reduced by up to 50% with this program.

Yes, you will be able to opt out of the program at any time. You can also opt out of this program and remain a PennyBackup customer at our still-discounted rates of $50/TB/month.

You will receive best practice white papers for small businesses. For example, if your business uses VOIP, you might receive a white paper such as this one: Other white papers might teach you how to automate the mass deployment of our remote data backup and recovery services throughout your company.

With the information that we'll send you, you'll be able to make more informed decisions about your backup and recovery services.

You will need to dedicate a modest amount of time only - likely just a few minutes per week - to read about best practises and answer some questions in order to reduce your backup costs. The costs will vary: In other words, you will be told what the cost reductions are before every activity that you perform, and we will apply the discounts to your next monthly bill.

Enrolling in PennyBackup Advantage is a safe way to receive large discounts on your data backup services - but there's no need to enroll in it! Click here to get a free trial of our full backup service at a low cost but without a discount.

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